Save More Water With The Right Bathroom Accessories

If you’re looking for a way to conserve your water usage, then you may want to consider installing bathroom accessories and toilet accessories that are water-efficient. That way, you can avoid receiving costly water bills in case of severe issues such as water leaks and pipe leaks.

When choosing bathroom accessories to install in your home, it’s important to consider quality and performance. Buying bathroom accessories of low-quality may cause you to experience issues that might end up hindering your ability to fulfill certain tasks. Moreover, you should ensure that the glass or chrome bathroom accessories you buy are environmentally-friendly in order to avoid excessive water consumption.

Good Water-Saving Habits To Practice In The Bathroom

Before exploring some water-saving bathroom accessories to install, let’s take a look at some methods you can practice to conserve your water usage.

Switch Off Your Shower When Soaping

It’s said that a typical showerhead consumes more than 5 gallons of water per minute. This essentially means that the longer you leave your shower on, the more water is wasted. So to avoid this problem, consider switching off your shower whenever you soap and leave it on only when you start rinsing.

Turning Off Your Water Tap While Brushing Your Teeth


Though it doesn’t seem like it at first, leaving your bathroom faucet on for a few minutes actually results in hundreds of litres of water wasted. However, by turning off your basin tap while you brush, you can make sure that large quantities of water are conserved.

Install A Half-flushing Mechanism To Your Toilet Bowl

Although using your toilet bowl frequently is unavoidable, it’s a fact the constant flushing often results in heavy water loss. In order to conserve water without limiting your toilet bowl usage, you can try installing a half-flushing mechanism. That way, you can limit the amount of water consumed whenever you flush your P-trap or S-trap toilet bowl.

Water-saving Bathroom Accessories To Purchase

Now that we’ve explored the list of water-saving habits you can practice, consider installing the following water-efficient bath accessories:

Low-flow Toilet

Many plumbers recommend installing a low-flow wall-mounted or floor-mounted toilet since it limits the amount of water it uses when flushing. In fact, it’s said that they consume 4 less gallons of water compared to a regular 1-piece or 2-piece toilet bowl.

Low-flow Faucet Aerator


To conserve water usage while using your basin mixer tap, why not try installing a low-flow aerator. This particular product works by reducing the amount of water released from your sink or wash basin by half. As such, you’ll be able to minimize your water usage each time you turn on your bathroom or wash basin tap.

Low-flow Showerhead


Showering normally tends to result in heavy water usage. So in order to prevent heavy water loss when using your installed shower set, consider installing a low-flow showerhead. Unlike a regular showerhead and shower mixer tap which releases more than 5 gallons of water per minute, a low-flow showerhead consumes only half of that amount in that same period.


To avoid any installation problems when setting up your water-saving bath, toilet, and shower accessories, contact a professional plumber for assistance. By doing so, you’ll be able to conserve your water usage without having to worry about potential plumbing problems occurring.

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