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Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Looking for bathroom accessories for your new home? Or perhaps you are planning to give your bathroom a new look and better functionality. If so, we have a wide selection of premium sanitary and toilet fittings, exclusively from GROHE, for you to choose from.

Our range of state-of-the-art GROHE bathroom accessories combine Europe’s number one design with the latest German technology and the finest materials, to bring you the widest selection of tap technologies that complement both your bathroom design and personal preferences.

The Eurostyle range offers wide-ranging appeal, along with its understated design for an exceptional final touch to your bathroom.

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Create a Spa-like Bathroom On A Budget

Many new homeowners in Singapore are now giving more personal attention to their home interior design. From drafting the design concept to choosing furniture and bathroom fixtures, homeowners are opting for more involvement in the designing of their dream homes. With the availability of online shopping and virtual catalogs, buying furniture and home fixtures has never been more convenient.

Bathroom design is an area that has been getting a lot of attention of late. Previously overlooked by many Singapore homeowners during the renovation of their homes, more have now come to realise that their dream home is never complete, if toilets and bathrooms are left to remain in their original state. Many now appreciate the importance of having a beautiful bathroom, with emphasis on functionality.

Remodeling your bathroom need not be too expensive. For new homes, investing in good quality toilet accessories such as basin taps, mixers, shower heads and rain shower systems that are durable and remain sparkling new even after many years, will provide cost-savings in the long run.

With the advent of technology and new engineering techniques, you can now enjoy a spa-like bathroom with excellent quality bathroom fixtures and fittings, at affordable prices. Our premium selection of bathroom fixtures such as faucets, shower heads and rain showers are tarnish-resistant due to their GROHE StarLight® chrome finish. Hence, they remain beautiful as new for decades.

In addition, the GROHE StarLight® chrome finish ensures that your bathroom fittings coordinate well with a variety of porcelain and ceramic tubs, bathroom tiles and basins. Whether it is design, durability, touch activation or elegance you’re after, GROHE technologies offers a solution for you.


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Bathroom Accessories to Suit Your Unique Style

Since 1948, GROHE has created high quality bathroom accessories that go beyond just beauty, to bring you a wide range of stylistic options that also offer innovative functionality to turn what’s often the smallest room in the home into a sanctuary.

From four-hole bath combinations to single-lever basin mixers, a single bathroom tap, or high quality brassware for each water point in your bathroom, our bathroom accessories online store has the perfect match from the GROHE ranges. More importantly, the GROHE range that we carry are tailored for the Singapore market and comply with the Singapore’s regulation and standards for water fittings. This exclusive range includes:

Shower Head - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower Heads

Browse through our superior range of shower heads. Many items on discount now!

Home Spa - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Home Spa Systems

Shop online for a personal spa system to install in your very own bathroom!

Rain Shower - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Rain Showers

Our exclusive collection of Rain Shower Heads. Perfect for your bathroom.

Shower/Bath Accessories - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower Accessories

Beautiful bath accessories for a complete matching bathroom design!

Shower System - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower Systems

Enjoy fabulous discount bundles when you shop online for GROHE Shower Systems.

Basin Tap and Mixer - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Basin Taps and Mixers

Opt for the highest quality of Euro-style basin taps and mixers on SALE now!

Shower Tap and Mixer - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower Taps / Mixers

Wide range of shower taps and mixers to choose from. You'll find one you love!

Kitchen Tap - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Kitchen Taps

Invest in corrosion-resistant kitchen taps that deliver safe drinking water.

Each item in the GROHE collection offers a choice of mounting styles, with designs to encompass all price points and interior design styles.

GROHE Bathroom Accessories and Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

With GROHE, bathroom sanitary fixtures offer a range of exciting technologies, such as the GROHE SilkMove® cartridge technology that is included in their single-lever bathroom taps. Premium ceramic disks and an extra-wide operation angle ensure smooth handling and precise temperature control for many years.

Quick Installation

GROHE QuickFix® sanitary accessories can be installed in half the time, thanks to fewer parts and reduced complexity.

Quality Brassware

Each GROHE tap and fitting is designed to last a lifetime, and thanks to the timeless style, it reduces the cost for replacement. Using only the finest components and materials, each item undergoes a strenuous function test to ensure that it meets the latest standards in quality, safety and durability to ensure performance excellence for many years.

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Why You Should Choose GROHE Bathroom Accessories

Driven by a passion for style and elegant perfection, designers at GROHE use their love for water and responsibility to the environment to create innovative solutions for your home comfort. Each bathroom accessory is optimized to combine emotive design, cutting-edge technology and quality workmanship to complement every individual lifestyle – from modern to nature inspired.

Europe’s Leading Manufacturer of Bathroom and Sanitary wares

  • Technology and innovation to ensure comfort and style.
  • Environmentally-friendly bathroom accessories that save energy and water.
  • Durable, award-winning design.
  • German quality with long-standing tradition.


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