Water Saving Shower Head from GROHE

Water Efficient Shower Head

Water Saving Shower Head

Shopping for a water saving shower head to cut down on your water usage? By choosing one from the GROHE range of bathroom accessories, you can benefit from significant savings in water consumption while still enjoying a revitalizing shower experience. In addition to doing your part to preserve the environment for future generations, you will notice a reduction in your utility bills at the same time.

With our hot and humid weather in Singapore, many people shower at least twice daily. If you have the habit of taking a long soothing shower after a hard day’s work, you are probably using a lot of water. After all, if you shower in excess of 5 minutes, the water used is usually more than enough to fill up a whole bathtub!

Understanding this, GROHE has developed a series of water saving showers, combing the latest in German technology with best in class Euro-style designs. Available in many design options, these showers heads help save water without compromising on your shower experience. That’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Now available in our online store, these water saving shower heads are affordable, easy to install and best of all, translate into real savings.


Two Common Types of Water Saving Shower Heads

1. Aerators

An aerated shower head mixes water with air to reduce water consumption. This adds more volume to the water mix creating the sensation of a fullness with less water.

Perfecting this technology, GROHE Champagne spray produces bigger and softer water droplets. With more air, less water is needed to create the same fulfilling and gentle showering experience. And less water used further equates to less energy needed for heating. With GROHE Champagne spray, you save on both water and electricity.

2. Pulsating Shower Heads

Such shower heads supply water at a high pressure. However, to create the pulsating effect, water is turned off and on thirty times per second, thus saving water during the off-periods. Pulsating sprays are ideal for hydro massage therapy.

Water Saving Shower Head

Water Saving Shower Head

Enjoy great showering experience with lesser water!



GROHE EcoJoy™ technology help you save up to 40% in water usage!

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GROHE Massage Spray

GROHE’s unique pulsating spray pattern provides an invigorating massage experience. Capitalising on changing water pressure, this massage spray easily tingles your senses to ensure you enjoy a stimulating shower always.

With GROHE, you get to enjoy the ultimate shower experience while saving money. Combing state of the art German engineering, the finest quality materials plus  world class designs and features, you will be hard pressed to find a more ideal water saving shower head.

GROHE Innovative Water Saving Technoloy

  • EcoJoy hand showers offer the options of an integrated flow limiter or an Eco button, which allows you to choose when you want to reduce water flow.
  • Rainshower Solo is a hand held shower that features the Eco button right on the handle. When activated, you can to reduce water flow by up to 40%.
  • Rainshower Icon also features the Eco button in a striking design. This halo-shaped hand shower delivers a full spray while using less water.
  • Rainshower Eco also has the water saving capabilities as the Icon and Solo with the addition of a lozenge-shaped spray plate that provides full body coverage while showering.
  • Euphoria is a hand shower with a spray dimmer featured on the shower face to allow a gradual reduction in water volume and easy switching between the available spray patterns.
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Save Energy With a Water Saving Shower Head

Since GROHE water saving shower head reduces water consumption, you will also need less energy to heat the water. This translate to savings on both your water and energy bills. For this reason, many in Singapore choose GROHE; you should too.

Do browse our online store for the full range of GROHE water saving shower heads plus other bathroom accessories, now available in Singapore.

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