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Browse our online store for a superior range of shower mixers  from world renown bathroom accessories manufacturer GROHE. Now available in Singapore, they are designed with your pleasure and comfort in mind.

A good morning shower can have a tremendous positive effect on your overall well being each day. It can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized, which is why choosing a good shower head and mixer is so important.


Two Options – Thermostatic and Manual Shower Mixer


Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Detect Water Temperate Changes
The thermostatic valve is able to detect a drop in either the hot or cold water pressure. It will then adjust the flow accordingly to compensate for the change. This ensures that the water temperature is maintained once it is set to your desired temperature. Many of these shower mixers can be digitally controlled to offer more precise control without the need for fiddling with levers.

Constant Water Temperature
Due to this thermostatic control feature of the thermostatic shower mixer, you will not experience sudden water temperature changes if someone else in your home uses the same water supply while you are taking a shower.

Safety for the Kids And Elderly
The risk of accidental scalding will be minimised with a good quality thermostatic shower tap mixer. Certainly an important feature to have for family with kids and/or elderly.

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Manual Shower Mixer

You have to manually turn or tilt the lever to adjust the flow rate and the temperature of the water.

No Temperature Detection
It is easy to use and generally cheaper than its thermostatic counterpart. It is also the preferred choice of many Singapore homeowners. However, it has no temperature detection feature and will not be able to protect against sudden surge or fall in temperature due to water pressure changes (e.g. when someone else in the your household uses the same water supply)

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Water Saving Shower Head

Water Saving Shower Head

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Grohe Shower Mixers – Safe For The Whole Family


GROHE TurboStat® Technology – Thermostatic Mixer

Precision Water Temperature Control
Maintain your water temperature throughout your shower. No more sudden scalding hot or freezing cold shower, even if someone uses water elsewhere in your home.

Fast Reaction To Water Temperature Change
Grohtherm thermostats utilizes the most advanced and precision-made cartridges in the industry. In addition, it is also equipped with ultra-sensitive thermo-element, enabling the thermostats to react within a split second to any temperature change, delivering water at your desired temperature always. No more wasting of time (plus water and energy) fiddling with the lever of your shower mixer to get the water temperature you want.

Hence, with GROHE thermostatic mixers, you can now stop the water flow mid-shower to soap yourself, and conveniently restart it again at the same temperature.

CoolTouch® technology keeps the outer surface temperature of your faucets and hand showers cool enough to touch.

SafeStop® buttons ensure that the temperature does not exceed 38 degC, while SafeStop® Plus limits it to 43 degC. Simply activate the button to increase the temperature.

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