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Wondering what to look out for when selecting a shower head? From online stores to major bathroom accessories retailers in Singapore, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shower head selection. Indeed, you can be easily overwhelmed by this myriad of choices and may need some help in choosing the right shower head for your needs.


Opt for Shower Head Designs that Focus on Functionality

Are you looking for water-saving shower heads or those that deliver high water pressure for the ultimate shower experience?

In line with the global push for eco-friendly products and our customers’ need for better showering pleasure, our GROHE shower heads now come with many awesome features.


Water- Saving

Infused with air, the GROHE Champagne spray produces bigger and softer water droplets. With more air, less water is needed to create a gentle yet luxurious shower experience. Children, especially will appreciate the gentle spray from these specially designed shower heads.

GROHE shower heads also come with other industry leading water-saving features…

  • Eco button, an integrated flow limiter button which allows you to choose when to reduce water flow.
  • Rainshower Icon with halo-shaped hand shower, designed to deliver a full spray while using less water.
  • Rainshower Eco which has the same water saving capabilities of the Icon, but with an Eco button.
  • Euphoria range of hand showers with a spray dimmer featured on the shower face, allowing a gradual reduction in water volume, and easy switching between the available spray patterns.
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Even Water-Distribution.

For a better shower experience, you’ll want shower heads that deliver evenly distributed water spray.

Understanding this, our GROHE DreamSpray® technology ensures an evenly distributed water flow through widely spaced spray nozzles thereby providing you ample water to cover your whole body, for an incredible shower experience.


Tarnish and Corrosion Resistance finish

Cheaper shower heads usually do not last the test of time. Corrosion and tarnish are common problems with these shower faucets. Hence, you will always be better off investing in shower heads that are durable and tarnish resistant.

GROHE StarLight® chrome is tarnish resistant and will not peel or flake, thus keeping your bathroom accessories shiny and beautiful for years to come.

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Shower Head Spray Pattern

In keeping with the needs of an increasingly sophisticated consumer population, our shower heads now come with various spray settings, from soft mist to massaging jets.

GROHE Bokoma Spray
Eight dynamic spray nozzles to deliver a steadily moving jet, providing the tension-relieving sensation of a fingertip massage. It is so invigorating it is even recommended by leading spa therapists and personal trainers.

GROHE Rain O² Spray
Air is mixed with water for a wider and fuller spray. The result is a wonderfully soft and smooth spray for the perfect relaxation.

GROHE Rain Spray
This spray provides a wide and even pattern that is as calming and soft as a light summer rain. It ideal for washing away stress leaving you refreshed and completely relaxed.

GROHE Jet Spray
This circular spray delivers a powerful jet of water that is ideal for stimulating the skin, relaxing your muscles after sports or the treatment of cellulitis. It’s also very effective for cleaning the bathtub or shower area.

Massage Spray
This is a pulsating spray pattern that gives you a stimulating and invigorating all-over massage.

GROHE SmartRain
This spray delivers the performance of the Rain Spray while using less water. This is made possible by innovative features such as the SprayDimmer (on GROHE Euphoria showers) and GROHE EcoButton (available on GROHE Rainshower® Icon) that helps save water without compromising on showering enjoyment.

GROHE Champagne
Water is infused with air to form bigger yet softer water droplets. With more air, less water is needed to create a fulfilling and gentle showering experience. Your children will love the gentleness of the GROHE Champagne spray.


Digital Control For Adjusting Temperature And Water Flow

In today’s digital world, electronic gadgets are readily available for all sorts of application. Bathroom accessories and sanitary wares are no exception. Now, users can control the water temperature and flow at the touch of a button.

GROHE Digital® technology together with intuitive user icons allows you to easily pre-program your preferred combination of water temperature, flow rate and duration. With GROHE, you now have at your fingertips, the ability to easily create your preferred shower experience.


Fixed Shower Faucets

If you choose to have fixed head shower faucets installed, you can opt for either wall or ceiling mounting. These fixed head shower heads are ideal for smaller shower areas as pipes, shower valve and much of the mixer can be concealed behind the wall.


GROHE fixed shower heads:

Ceiling-mounted shower heads can be installed with an extension shower arm or flush-mounted to the ceiling. Compatible with a range of ceiling heights, ceiling shower arm comes in lengths of 150mm and 292mm. These top-mounted faucets allow you to enjoy a daily deluge, with water falling from above like a rain shower. The Flushed-mounted ceiling shower is visually appealing and often acts as a center-piece in your bathroom.

Wall-mounted shower heads can be installed with an extension arm or directly to the wall. It allows you to adjust the angle of the shower head for optimum comfort. Suitable for use with most Grohe head showers, the shower arms are available with 282 mm or 378 mm projection.

Stepping under a GROHE shower head offers incomparable relaxation and revitalization as it envelops your body in a dreamy rain shower. Whether you want to gently douse your tired body, massage sore muscles, or simply rinse off the shampoo thoroughly, our bathroom accessories online store carries a wide range of high performance shower faucets to suit your needs. Apart from just offering fantastic feel-good functionality, GROHE shower heads are pleasing to the eye.


Choose a Shower Head that Suits Your Preference

We know that our customers have their individual preferences. Hence our GROHE rain shower heads are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs.

Rainshower F-Series features an angular, extending sweeping board that offers a variety of jet types, while the Power&Soul, Euphoria, Movario, Relexa and Tempesta feature a range of innovative features.

Use your shower head to make a statement, or fix it directly to the ceiling to make the shower head a part of your bathroom’s architecture.

GROHE shower heads and body sprays are available in a variety of designs and configurations to provide a fully customizable bathroom experience in your home. With designs to suit any bathroom style and spray preference, GROHE promises a pleasurable shower experience always.

Opt for a nature inspired  rain shower, combo shower heads, high pressure shower heads, or choose a water-saving model, such as EcoJoy or Euphoria, or even a side shower for an all-round titillating experience.

Convenient cleaning, easy operation and multi-functional design and features; this is GROHE at it’s glorious best.

Our bathroom accessories online store offers a variety of GROHE shower heads, faucets, mixers and bathroom accessories to make creating the bathroom of your dreams a reality.

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