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Exclusive Collection Of High Performance Rain Shower Heads

Rain Shower

Do you enjoy a revitalizing rain shower after a hot sweaty afternoon?

Being drenched by rain in Singapore is common, given the frequent downpour we have. However, we Singaporeans are often too self-conscious or busy to just stand in the rain and simply enjoy the natural fall of water on our face. As the saying goes, “Some people feel the rain and others just get wet.”

With the GROHE rain shower range of bathroom accessories, you can now enjoy the soothing effect of a rain shower in the secluded sanctuary of your own bathroom. This exclusive range is feature-rich, offering a variety of spray patterns to give you the shower sensation that you have always dreamed of. From shoulder to shoulder, the delightful rain spray will stimulate body, mind and soul at the beginning of the day, and help ease you into relaxation at bedtime.


GROHE Rain Shower Heads


Rainshower Standard Range

GROHE’s standard Rainshower range features over-sized rain shower heads, ranging from 8-12-inches in diameter, featuring up to 120 spray nozzles, arranged in four different spray patterns.

Available in a range of sizes and designs, the standard Rainshower shower heads can be ceiling or wall mounted.

Rainshower Jumbo

Rainshower Jumbo rain shower heads are extra wide at 400mm in diameter, featuring full-body coverage with 256 individual water nozzles that are arranged to prevent dry zones and deliver the perfect rain spray pattern. It is the ultimate shower accessory for tired muscles, and certainly for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. Like the standard Rainshower range, Rainshower Jumbo can be mounted on the ceiling or wall.

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Rain Showers

Our exclusive collection of Rain Shower Heads. Perfect for your bathroom.

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Handheld Rain Shower Heads

GROHE also offers handheld rain shower heads that deliver optimal shower performance, even under low water pressure conditions.

What sets the GROHE Rainshower range apart from standard rain shower heads, is that it features the manufacturer’s proprietary DreamSpray® technology and state-of-the-art German design.

Award Winning Design

The Rainshower range has won the iF Product Design Award. This is no surprise, given that the range benefits from the outstanding technology that puts GROHE in a league of its own.


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Rain Shower - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Rain Showers

Our exclusive collection of Rain Shower Heads. Perfect for your bathroom.

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Additional Rain Shower Head Features:


GROHE CoolTouch®

GROHE CoolTouch technology ensures no scalding on hot surfaces. The handle will never exceed 38०C, even if you use scalding hot water to wash the tub.

GROHE DreamSpray®

The innovative GROHE DreamSpray® technology ensures a quality showering experience that revitalise body, mind and soul with balanced water-spray distribution.

GROHE StarLight®

Only the highest quality materials are used by bathroom accessories manufacturer, GROHE, to ensure the rainshower sets remain tarnish and corrosion resistant.

Colour choices range from chrome to moon white, ylang white, chrome with gold trim, sterling silver with brilliant nickel and brushed nickel to suit a range of bathroom styles, including modern, nature inspired and elegant.

Whether you want a square or round, big or small, ceiling or wall mounted rain shower head, GROHE offers the perfect choice in a range of styles, types, shapes and sizes to meet your budget and design requirements.

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