High Pressure Rain Shower Head from GROHE

High Performance Rain Showerhead

Rain Shower Head With High Pressure

Install a rain shower head with high pressure capability for the ultimate restorative shower experience. Dealing with low water pressures in your home is as simple as changing your shower head.

At our online store, we have a range of bathroom accessories including GROHE high performance rain showers which combine only the highest quality materials with state-of-the-art technology to deliver unbeatable shower experiences.


Good Water Pressure For An Enjoyable Showering Experience

When it comes to enjoying your shower experience, water pressure plays a pivotal role. No matter how beautiful your bathroom, with poor water pressure, your shower experience will only be mediocre. Make the most of your shower by installing a high pressure shower head to deliver a strong flow.


What is a High Pressure Rain Shower Head?

High pressure shower heads are designed with the sole purpose of increasing the water pressure, using the same amount of water already flowing through your pipes. A pressure chamber, or an adjustable spray setting allows you to achieve higher water pressure. Adjustable spray models compress the flow through fewer nozzles, thus resulting in increased pressure. Pressure chamber models add air pressure to force the water out. High pressure shower heads ensure balanced water distribution to each and every shower nozzle.



Enjoy high water-pressure rain shower with GROHE Jet Spray or Massage Spray settings.

Water is compressed through fewer nozzles to deliver a more concentrated and powerful spray. Great for massaging sore or aching muscles.

High Pressure Rain Shower

High Pressure Rain Shower

Enjoy powerful rain shower experience with GROHE Jet, Massage and Bokoma Spray!

High Pressure Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head

Enjoy great showering experience with these High Performance Shower Heads!

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Benefits of Having a High Pressure Rain Shower Head

Choosing to install a high pressure rain shower head is a personal preference, and there are many reasons to make this decision:

  • A high pressure shower massage will help ease tired muscles.
  • Pressurized water will deliver thicker streams to help you experience more heat.
  • Higher water pressure means that soap and shampoo is rinsed out more effectively, which will make you feel cleaner and less slimy.
  • You will save water with a high pressure rain shower head, because it is quicker to rinse under the shower.

If your plumber cannot do anything more to increase your water pressure, or if you simply want to optimise your shower experience, look no further than a high pressure shower head. Choose an option with added functionalities, such as an economy function or a few different spray pattern options to take your shower to a whole new level.


GROHE Rain Shower Heads With High Pressure Capability

GROHE Rain shower systems turn your daily shower into a therapeutic experience by uniting great shower essentials with a host of other elements to take your pleasure and comfort to a new level.

GROHE Rain shower heads are designed with your skin in mind. Made for an indulgent shower experience, high pressure rain water showers promise to advance the mind-body-soul connection and provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy with a range of spray patterns.

  • GROHE Massage Spray – High pressure pulsating spray
  • GROHE Jet Spray – Focused circular spray with high water pressure
  • GROHE Bokoma Spray – Eight spray nozzles create fingertip massaging effect
  • GROHE TrioMassage Spray – Combining Bokoma Spray and Massage Spray effect.
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Rainshower ® Next Generation Icon

The GROHE range of rain shower heads with high pressure capability include the Rainshower ® Next Generation Icon line, which is ideal for homeowners looking to make the ultimate style statement. This rain shower head features GROHE’s award -winning designs in a variety of neutral, bold and spring inspired colours.

Rainshower® Icon has a halo-shaped spray face, which delivers a powerful spray through the perfectly aligned, DreamSpray® enabled nozzles.


Rainshower® Cosmopolitan

Another perfect example of rain shower head with high pressure capability for Singapore homes, is the Rainshower® Cosmopolitan. This high performance shower head combines modern technologies with the latest in design, featuring a geometric, stepped profile and flawless GROHE StarLight® chrome finish.

Available in both over-head and hand showers, Rainshower® Cosmopolitan comes in a range of sizes to help you find the perfect fit.

All GROHE rain shower heads comes equipped with the superlative DreamSpray® technology to deliver the most perfect shower experience. The range also includes GROHE Cosmopolitan faucet collections to complement the rain shower heads.