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GROHE Product Order

All orders made by you shall be deemed to be an offer made by you to purchase the selected GROHE product(s) and quantities set out in your order. All orders shall be subject to acceptance by us. Processing of payment for an order shall not in itself constitute acceptance of the order by us. Where an order for any product(s) is rejected or cancelled by us, any payment made for such order shall be reversed or refunded by us in accordance with our prevailing refund policy at such time.

All orders made by you are subject to stock availability. We reserve the right to cancel, amend or reject your order in whole or in part, at any time and without liability or compensation, where any product is out of stock, damaged or spoilt, or unavailable for any other reason. We reserve the right to limit your order or the quantity of a particular product you may order.


GROHE Product Warranty Information and Notes


Warranty prerequisites

A prerequisite for a warranty claim shall be the submission of the original invoice with the purchase date, which must clearly indicate the name and address of the seller and the place of purchase.
Moreover, claims under this warranty shall vest only if the product is properly installed and mounted. This shall apply irrespective of whether installation is performed by a qualified specialist fitter or whether the end consumer installs and mounts the product himself/itself. In any event, the technical product information issued by GROHE and the technical data sheets must be complied with during installation of the product.

Moreover, in order to claim the GROHE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY the product must be duly and properly cleaned and cared for in accordance with the GROHE care instructions.

The technical product information, the technical data sheets and the GROHE care instructions may be found in the sales packaging. In the event of questions concerning maintenance and care, employees of GROHE’s service organisation will be happy to assist under the telephone number + 65 6311 3611 & Grohe Call Center +65 6701 1188.

The end consumer may claim warranty services only if notice of a defect arising is given prior to claiming of the warranty services, unless such notice is unreasonable in the relevant case. As a rule, the first contact person for notification in the context of the GROHE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY shall be the specialist fitter from whom the end consumer purchased the product, otherwise a customer service point authorised by GROHE or GROHE itself. In this respect a call to GROHE’s service organisation shall be sufficient. Notification must be given within a reasonable period following discovery of the defect, and in any event prior to expiry of the warranty term.


Exclusion of the Warranty

Claims may not be asserted under the warranty:

  • if the product was not properly installed, cleaned or repaired according to valid Water Regulations and general good plumbing practise;
  • if the defect is attributable to incorrect use or incorrect handling of the product;
  • if the defect occurs due to missing or incorrect maintenance;
  • if spare parts other than original GROHE spare parts are used during repairs or maintenance of the product;
  • if the defect was caused by transport, installation or any trial operation of the product;
  • if the surface of the product has been scratched;
  • if the product is a display (ex showroom) product;
  • if consumables (e.g. filters, filter cartridges, aerators or batteries) or material subject to wear and tear (such as seals or hoses) are affected;
  • if the defect was caused by a breakage of fragile parts (e.g. glass or light bulbs);
  • if the defect occurs due to aggressive environmental influences (e.g. chemicals and cleaning agents), limescale or disruptions due to ice and/or lime;
  • if the defect is caused by specific environmental circumstances (e.g. excess or negative pressure in the line, excess voltage or undervoltage on the line); or
  • if the defect is attributable to wilful or negligent damage to the product by the end consumer or a third party.

GROHE will review in each specific case whether the warranty prerequisites have been met and whether there are any grounds for exclusion. Should warranty claims be asserted and should it emerge during an inspection of the product by GROHE that there was no defect or there is no warranty claim for one of the aforementioned reasons, there may be a service charge of 50.00 to 100.00 Singapore Dollars (including GST) unless the end consumer proves that they could not have ascertained based on the circumstances that there was no warranty claim.

There will be charges of 60 to 80 Singapore Dollars (including GST) for onsite inspection if your product is found to be as stated in “Grohe warranty does not cover” conditions.

For the following products, the warranties will be void unless installation is performed by GROHE’s certified team of plumbers. The installation cost is chargeable at 225 to 250 Singapore Dollars (including GST) per installation.

The relevant products are:

  • SKU: 30219001/30219DC1 – Zedra Electronic Sink Mixer with Pull-Out Dual Spray
  • SKU: 31358001/31358DC1 – Minta Electronic Sink Mixer C-Sprout with Pull-Out Mousseur Spray
  • SKU: 3136001/3130DC1 – Minta Electronic Sink Mixer L-Spout with Pull-Out Mousseur



This warranty shall apply in the foregoing scope and subject to the foregoing prerequisites (including submission of proof of purchase even in the event of resale) for each future owner of the product.

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