GROHE Low Flow Rain Shower Head

Gentle Rainfall Shower Experience

Low Flow Rain Shower Head

A low flow rain shower head can provide you with the perfectly revitalizing shower experience while helping you to make significant reductions in your water consumption. Few things beat an enjoyable gentle rainfall shower that saves a precious resource for future generations, benefits the environment and still reduce your household bill at the same time.

Our online store retails some of the world’s best low flow rain shower heads from GROHE,  renown for using only the finest materials, skillful design and advanced engineering practices to bring you the best quality shower heads. When you buy bathroom accessories from us, you have the assurance that they not only look good, but are also manufactured to the highest standards.

Our range of low flow rain shower heads have revolutionised the way in which Singaporeans view bathroom accessories and design.


Why Opt For A Low Flow Rain Shower Head?

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment With Low Flow Rain Shower Heads

A low flow rain shower head does more than just reducing your water consumption. It will also help you save energy, since you will not have to heat as much water.

If you have decided to reduce your impact on the environment by going green, or if you want to enhance your shower experience, a low flow rain shower head is the way to go. It’s the first step to embracing a more sustainable life.

Low water pressure can be frustrating. With poor pressure and sporadic spray, you need more time to rinse off, and you end up using more water than you should. By switching to a low flow rain shower head with GROHE Rain OSpray or GROHE SmartRain Spray, you can enjoy an enhanced shower experience with the benefit of using less water.

Low Flow Rain Shower

Low Flow Rain Shower

Enjoy relaxing soft rain shower with GROHE Rain OandSmartRain Spray

Water Saving Shower Head

Water Saving Shower Head

Enjoy great showering experience with lesser water!

shower-head-spray-settings_400x400Spray Patterns with Reduced Water Flow Without Compromising Showering Experience:

GROHE Rain O2 Spray
A soft, smooth spray with water drops infused with
air for a wide and fuller spray.

GROHE SmartRain Spray
All the features and benefits of Rain Spray but with a reduced
flow. A smart pattern that uses less water to deliver full showering enjoyment.

GROHE Champagne Spray
Uses air enriched water with bigger but softer
droplets to mimic the gentleness of rain drops. More air also means less water is needed for an overall satisfying shower.

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Benefit of Low Flow Shower Head

  • Save water – Eco friendly shower heads help reduce your impact on the environment while helping you save money on your water bills.
  • Save energy – Using less water means you will consume less energy to heat it, thus saving money on your energy bill.
  • Shower experience – Low flow rain shower heads are designed to reduce the impact on the environment without noticeable difference to your overall shower experience. You won’t notice the difference between this and a standard shower head, but it will save you water.


How to Choose a Low Flow Shower Head?

With so many choices available, you may have a hard time choosing.
Look for these elements:

  • Quality is your number one priority. Choose a shower head from a reputable manufacturer of a popular brand of low flow shower heads.
  • Choose a low flow shower head with a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Models range anywhere from 1.5 GPM upwards.
  • Choose a shower head that uses technology to deliver a lower flow rate, rather than reducing the water pressure, as well as incorporating other technologies such as spray patterns.
  • Choose a shower head design that suits your bathroom design.
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GROHE Low Flow Rain Shower Head Options

EcoJoy hand showers, exclusive range of GROHE, feature a built-in Eco button which allows you to reduce the water flow. This integrated flow limiter or spray dimmer ensures that you only use the amount of water you really need to, without having to turn the faucet on or off.

Rainshower Eco, Solo and Icon hand-held shower heads all feature the water-saving Eco button. Conveniently located on the handle, the button easily slides to help you reduce your water usage by up to 40%.

Rainshower Icon hand shower has a striking halo-shaped design and delivers a full spray, even though it uses less water.

Rainshower Eco’s lozenge-shaped spray plate mimics the human shape from above to ensure full cover without wasting any water.

Rainshower Euphoria is another one of GROHE’s award winning designs. This hand shower’s spray dimmer is located on the shower face to allow a gradual water volume reduction and the option to switch between the four spray patterns.

These GROHE low flow rain shower heads and other bathroom accessories now conveniently available in our online store. Shop now and take advantage of the two-fold benefits (water and energy savings) these rain shower heads bring about.