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Home Spa

A home spa system is a must have for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It is the ultimate in self indulgence and a status symbol previously reserved only for the elite. Now, with GROHE, you can easily have a customised personal spa system installed in your bathroom and enjoy a rejuvenating shower spa in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Turn your Shower Area into a Personal Spa

Our range of bathroom and shower accessories carry the signature award-winning designs of top-of-the-range manufacturer, GROHE, They promise a lifetime of flawless performance and can be easily configured to turn your simple shower or bath area into a personal spa. Get started by choosing from our wide range of premium Euro-design and Germany technology shower and bath fittings; they are now available in Singapore through our online store.


Tailor-Made Personal Spa Shower System

With your own personal home spa shower system, you can now enjoy relaxing spa session or even a shower yoga in the comfort of your very own bathroom. Here are some suggested spa configuration to guide you along.

Home Spa with Shower-Only Configuration

You can now create a bespoke spa shower system that complements your lifestyle perfectly. You have the freedom of opting for any shower configuration that suit your needs. However, a spa-like bathroom would not be complete without a rain shower.

Suggested shower configuration:

Home Spa - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Home Spa Systems

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Home Spa with Bathtub and Shower Configuration

Many believe in the beneficial effects of a good hot bath. Hence, if you are a big fan of hot bath, then you will definitely want to install a bathtub to complete your person spa indulgence.


When selecting bath taps and mixers, you can choose from various mounting style and design:

Floor-mounted bathtub taps

This free-standing bath sprout gives you the flexibility of choosing where to place your bathtub and it can be compatible with free-standing bathtub of various height and shapes.

Deck-Mounted Bath Taps

The taps are mounted on the rim of the bath or on a tiled bath surround.

Wall-Mounted Bath Taps

These taps are mounted on the wall. As plumbing system are hidden behind the wall, it provides an uncluttered, clean and modern design style.

You can include a coordinated hand shower, head shower or side showers, and control the water pressure and temperature easily with mechanical or digital thermostatic water controls.

GROHE TurboStat®

Whether you opt for a shower only home spa configuration or a bathtup cum shower combination, be sure to choose fittings that comes with the GROHE TurboStat® technology. This delivers water at your desired temperature within a split of a second and is able to maintain this temperature for the duration of your spa or shower session; a definite must have feature in any home spa system.

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Water Saving Shower Head

Water Saving Shower Head

Enjoy great showering experience with lesser water!

More Possibilities to Further Enhance your Spa Experience


Massaging Hydro-Therapy

Enjoy the massaging down-pour of sooth warm water from the rain shower or select your preferred spray setting, such as GROHE Massage Spray or GROHE Jet Spray for a stimulating water massage (supporting shower heads required).

Bring On the Music

No spa system is complete without a music. Now, with GROHE Aquatune you can power up your music with an mp3 player or your mobile phone and enjoy a soothing instrumental or upbeat disco-techno while you relax in your bathroom.

GROHE Aquatune - Philips Wireless Shower SpeakerGROHE Aquatune

Create the ultimate relaxing spa experience by playing your favourite music with this high quality water resistant Bluetooth wireless speaker.

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