GROHE High Pressure Shower Head

Maximizes Your Water Flow

High Pressure Shower Head

Looking for a high pressure shower head to replace your current one? Then you’ll want to know about our GROHE high performance shower heads. Equipped with GROHE Jet Spray pattern, they produce a powerful jet of water that is ideal for massaging tired muscles and stimulating the skin.

These shower heads are also armed with the proprietary GROHE DreamSpray® technology that ensures balanced water distribution to each and every shower nozzle, giving you all round feel of satisfaction, each time you shower. GROHE shower heads are thus among the most popular choice among Singaporeans, when it comes to choosing bathroom accessories.

Singapore’s hot and humid climate makes showering multiple times a day a must for many people. Many look forward to a relaxing shower each day after work. Hence, investing in a high performance shower head from GROHE that delivers the ultimate showering experience is well worth it.

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Advantages of Using a High Pressure Shower Head

Singaporeans have different reasons for choosing high pressure shower heads, but some of the most obvious benefits include:

  • ability to take a hotter shower with thick streams of pressurized water in order to soothe aching, tired muscles.
  • ability to rinse off more thoroughly for a cleaner and healthier skin (since reducing the slimy soap residue will reduce damage to your skin).
  • quicker showers – since it is quicker and easier to rinse off – result in water and energy savings.



Enjoy a high water-pressure shower with GROHE Jet Spray or Massage Spray settings.

Water is compressed through a smaller number of holes to deliver a more concentrated and powerful spray. Great for massaging sore or aching muscles.

High Pressure Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head

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GROHE High Performance Shower Heads

These shower heads are typically armed with 4 spray patterns, including jet spray. In GROHE jet spray mode, water is compressed through a smaller number of holes to produce a powerful jet, ideal for soothing tired muscles or even the treatment of cellulite. Best of all, this increased water pressure is produced using the same amount of water.

GROHE shower heads are typically designed for water flow rates of between 2 to 2.5 GPM to ensure sufficient water for your shower enjoyment. With the added benefit of the proprietary GROHE DreamSpray® technology, GROHE is able to evenly distribute water through every nozzle, to cover your whole body and provide an all over good sensation, when you shower.

GROHE high performance shower heads are thus ideal for anyone who wants a contemporary, durable shower solution at an affordable price.

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Why Choose GROHE?

With the high cost of renovation in Singapore, homeowners will typically like to stretch every dollar they can. No matter what your budget, design preferences or installation requirements, GROHE is the smart choice.  GROHE high performance shower Heads offer a range of benefits including:

  • stylish world class designs plus a variety of shower head configurations to match any bathroom
  • diverter and thermostatic models for easy operation
  • water saving features without compromising on shower enjoyment
  • a complete hydrotherapy experience


GROHE quality assurance

GROHE is renown for combining award winning design, with top quality materials and industry leading bathroom technologies to give you shower heads that are both durable** and aesthetically pleasing.  In fact each GROHE high performance shower head is built to look and function as good as new after a lifetime of use. That’s why many people in Singapore choose GROHE; you should too.

** All of GROHE bathroom accessories and products undergo extensive performance testing in three laboratories to ensure they meet the highest durability, reliability and quality standards always

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