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Fixed Shower Head

In our online store, you can find the full range of GROHE fixed shower heads plus other bathroom accessories, including water saving and combo showerheads. Shop online and we will deliver them island-wide in Singapore (installation optional).

Square or round, big or small, wall or ceiling mounted, finding your ideal shower head is a lot easier than you think. With our range of GROHE fixed shower heads available online, the right one is only just a click away.


GROHE Fixed Head Showers – Exceptional Design, Unsurpassed Quality

Fixed head showers can be ceiling or wall mounted. For ultimate comfort, the shower should be mounted 20 cm or more above the height of the tallest individual in the household. Ideally, you will also want to purchase a concealed thermostatic shower mixer to regulate water temperature and flow. All these options are readily available with the GROHE line of fixed head showers. What’s more, GROHE fixed shower heads are built to last a lifetime, comes in world class Euro-style designs and are feature rich. Equipped with the proprietary GROHE DreamSpray® technology, they provide spray patterns for the ultimate shower enjoyment.


GROHE Ceiling-Mounted Fixed Shower Heads

Ceiling-mounted shower heads can be flush-mounted to the ceiling or installed with an extension arm.

Flush-mounted fixed shower heads are mounted directly to the ceiling. The shower head thus becomes an integral part of the overall bathroom architecture. Choose GROHE fixed shower heads for your bathroom and you will be rewarded with years of faultless performance.

With Shower Arm Extension
Ceiling shower arm comes in lengths of 150 mm and 292 mm to ensure compatibility with a variety of ceiling heights. These top-mounted shower heads allow you to experience and enjoy the therauputic effects of rain shower, in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Ceiling mounted fixed shower systems offer maximum freedom when it comes to location of the shower head. Because they are not wall mounted, you can literally place them anywhere, be it in the middle of your shower cubicle or directly over your tub. If space permits, we suggest placing one in the middle of your walk-in shower to create your ultimate bathroom.

Fixed Shower Head

Fixed Shower Head

Ceiling/Wall-mounted shower heads hide piping to create the ultimate bathroom design!

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GROHE Wall-Mounted Fixed Shower Heads

GROHE fixed head shower system can be installed directly to the wall, with or without an extension arm. These shower heads are adjustable, allowing you to the angle of them for optimum comfort. To cater to different size shower areas, the shower arms are available with 282 mm or 378 mm projection.

Compact in size, fixed shower heads are perfectly suited for smaller shower cubicles.

Wall mounted fixed shower heads are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs and preferences.

GROHE, Germany’s number one bathroom accessories brand offers you the widest range of fixed head showers and shower accessories, now available in our online store.

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