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Chrome Bathroom Accessories

There’s nothing like having all-new gleaming chrome bathroom accessories and toilet fittings to spruce up the interior of a bathroom. However, not all chrome brassware are created equal. Corrosion and tarnished-surfaces are common problems with some low quality chrome fittings.

That’s why GROHE introduced to the world the GROHE StarLight® technology. Using proprietary plating techniques and processes, GROHE is able to produce chrome bathroom accessories of the highest quality finish. They are corrosion, tarnish and scratch resistant and guaranteed to look good as new even after decades of use. That’s why when it comes to chrome bathroom accessories, you should always choose GROHE.

Better yet, our online store offers the full range of GROHE bathroom accessories. Now you can shop for them in the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorsteps, anywhere in Singapore.


Our range of chrome bathroom accessories includes products for:

Superior design, quality materials and advanced technology are the hallmark of each GROHE product we bring to you. That’s another reason to choose us, when shopping for bathroom accessories and fittings.


What is Chrome Plating?

It is the technique of coating a layer of chromium onto a metal or plastic surface through a process called electroplating. With low quality products, this chrome layer will fade over time but with GROHE StarLight® technology, you are assured of a chrome finish that last a lifetime.

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Why Some Chrome Bathroom Fittings Tarnish and Corrode?

Low quality products often use poor electroplating processes that result in irregularity (not visible to the naked eyes) on the chrome surface. Although these rough patches are very small, they trap more water, resulting in the formation of limescale. When these limescale slough off, some of the chrome layer goes with it. This problem is made worse when cheap manufacturers use plastic (which adheres poorly to chrome), instead of the more expensive brass as the base.

GROHE chrome bathroom accessories such as faucets, shower heads and fittings are guaranteed to look just as beautiful decades on. This guarantee is made possible through the proprietary GROHE StarLight® Technology.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Extreme surface hardness
  • Scratch resistant
  • Corrosion and tarnish resistant

These result in a chrome finish that is long lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

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Chrome Bathroom Accessories Set and Storage Solutions

A luxurious bathroom is not complete without stylish and beautiful gleaming bathroom accessories and fittings. Enhance your bathroom design and showering experience with chrome bathroom accessories set that includes shower heads, taps, mixers and storage units. Our high quality GROHE chrome fittings provides not just beauty but also functionality with surfaces that can last for many years.


Our range of GROHE chrome bathroom accessories sets include:

  • robe hooks
  • soap dispensers
  • towel rails

Choose similarly styled pieces to ensure a perfect match between the different bathroom accessories. This will add a nice finishing touch to your overall bathroom design.


Some Useful Tips

When installing bath fittings and toilet accessories in your bathroom, it is important to balance accessibility and design preference. Installation will usually involve drilling into walls or tiles, which is why it is so important to consider positioning carefully first.

Place your towel rail within an arm’s reach of your bathtub, and robe hooks right outside the shower door.

Keep your basin area hygienically clean and uncluttered by installing accessories like wall-mounted beaker holders and soap dispensers.

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