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Bathroom Tap

Bathroom taps add a nice finishing touch to any bathroom. They not only influence your bathroom design, but also your enjoyment. There are three main categories of bathroom taps, namely:

  • Bathtub taps
  • Shower taps
  • Basin taps

After a hard day’s work, a hot bath or shower is great for unwinding, soothing tired muscles and soaking away stress. In addition, recent studies have found that hot baths can help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation for better cardiovascular health.

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How To Choose A Bathroom Tap

One of the most important consideration when planning your bathroom is choosing the taps.
Bathroom taps comes in various styles, designs and functions. Hence to learn how to choose a bathroom tap, you must first know your options:


Your GROHE Bathtub Tap Options


Mounting Style

1. Free-Standing/Floor-Mounted Bath Spouts

The bath spout is floor-mounted giving you the flexibility of planning where to place your bathtub. You can pair it with a myriad of free-standing bathtubs of various height and shape to give your bathroom that added touch of class.

2. Deck-Mounted Bath Taps

The taps are mounted on the rim of the bath or on tiled bath surround. For the latter, the spout must belong enough to reach over the edge of the bathtub.

3. Wall-Mounted Bath Taps

These taps are mounted on the wall. As the piping system can be concealed in wall, you can easily achieve an uncluttered, clean minimalist look with wall mounted bath taps.

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Shower/Bath Tap and Mixer

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Shower Accessories

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Bathtub Tap Configuration – 2, 3, 4 and 5 Hole Bath Taps


2 Hole Bath Taps

This is the most basic configuration, consisting of a water faucet with single lever for controlling both the hot and cold water supply,

3 Hole Bath Taps

This configuration consists of a faucet with two separate lever for individual hot and cold water flow control.

4 Hole Bath Taps

This is essentially a single lever tap equipped with a diverter for easy switching of water supply between the bath tap and shower head.

5 Hole Bath Taps

Other than having 2 levers for individual control of hot and cold water flow, this setup is similar to that of the 4 hole bath tap.

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Shower Heads

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Rain Showers

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Basin Taps and Mixers

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Home Spa Systems

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Design Style – Contemporary or Traditional Bathtub Taps

Our GROHE bathtub taps are available in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom design preference. Whether you prefer a cosmopolitan, contemporary or authentic (traditional) look for your bathroom, you’ll be able to find a matching tap in our online store.


Modern Design

  • Spa collection Bathtub Taps
  • Cosmopolitan Design Faucets
  • Contemporary Bathtub Tap Mixers

Traditional/ Nostalgic Design

The elegant curves of the faucets offer the refinement and beauty of vintage Victorian-style design. Coupled with modern-day features such as the sparkling GROHE StarLight® chrome finish, this charming range, with its classical handle and droplet-shaped body, will add elegance and individuality to your bathroom. Achieve an authentic country look with this selection.


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