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Bathroom Set

Invest in a quality GROHE bathroom set and your family will love you for it. They are beautiful, lasting and built using the highest quality materials. Below are some features to look out for when shopping for your bathroom sets, including bathroom taps and bath mixers.


Bathroom Set – Taps and Mixers Options and Features


Bath Filler

This mixer tap is solely for filling up the bathtub with no diverter to channel the water to the shower head.

Combined Bath/Shower Mixers

A diverter valve allows the user to choose between filling up the bathtub or channeling water to the shower head. Hence one tap is used to control water supply to both the bathtub and the shower. You can opt for a complete bathroom set that consist of a combined bath/ shower mixer and matching shower head.

Manual or Thermostatic Control

When choosing the mixer for your bathroom set, you have the option of manual or thermostatic control.

Manual bath/ shower mixers are popular in Singapore and use a single lever to adjust both flow rate and water temperature, albeit without the help of thermostatic control features. Though not very likely in Singapore given our rather stable water supply, you can still be at risk to sudden surge or drop in temperature due to water pressure changes.

Mixers equipped with thermostatic valve will deliver water at constant temperature effortlessly. They are thus ideal for family with kids and elderly as they can help prevent accidental scalding during bath.

Bathtub Tap and Mixer - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower/Bath Tap and Mixer

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Shower/Bath Accessories - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower Accessories

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Bathroom Set with Free-Standing or Integrated Bathtub Taps

When choosing bathtub tap in a bathroom set, you have the option of a free-standing bath spout or a faucet that is integrated into the bathtub acting as a water inlet. Free-standing sprouts are stylish and are ideal for spacious bathrooms where the bathtub is the centre-piece. Combined with other matching bathroom accessories, the free-standing spout option adds the ultimate touch of class to your home.

Automatic filling

At the touch of a button, it allows the bathtub to automatically fill to your desired (pre-set) water level  and at your pre-set temperature.

Fast filling function

Fill your large bath tub faster by using a bath filler and bath spout combination. With our digital converter, you can now open both water outlets simultaneously to fill the bath twice as fast.

Deck-Mounted Combinations

Deck-mounted combinations are designed to be mounted on the tiles surrounding the bath, or on the surrounding rim. They are available for up to five-hole typologies and in a combination of bath spout and hand shower.

Rain Shower - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Rain Showers

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Shower Systems

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Shower Head - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Shower Heads

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Basin Tap and Mixer - Bathroom Accessories Singapore

Basin Taps and Mixers

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Spa Experience – Achieve The Perfect Temperature

With our intuitive digital controls at your fingertips, you can now relax in your tub, creating a luxuriously personalized spa experience with water temperature and flow rate all set to your desired level. This is home spa technology at its best; this is GROHE TurboStat® technology.

Best of all, this state of the art technology also allows you to save your preferred settings at the touch of a button and enjoy an all-new perception of bath-time pleasure.

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