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Bath Mixer

Looking for a quality bath mixer to match your bathtub?

If so, we invite you to browse our online store. There you will find the full range of shower and bath mixers plus other quality kitchen and bathroom accessories from GROHE, the number 1 German brand in sanitary fittings.

Each GROHE bath mixer is built from the finest quality materials, using the latest state of the art German technology. Designed to last a lifetime and featuring award winning Euro-designs, GROHE is second to none when it comes to bath mixers.


How To Choose A Bath Mixer?


Manual vs Thermostatic Mixer


Manual Bath Mixer

In a manual bath mixer,  a single lever is often used to control both water temperature and flow rate. Temperature is usually controlled via horizontal (left, right) lever motion while water flow is adjusted using a vertical (up, down) motion. These mixers are usually cheaper than their thermostat counterpart and are found in many Singapore households. Because they are not armed with thermostatic control features, manual bath mixers cannot protect against sudden changes in water temperature caused by water pressure changes.


Thermostatic Bathtub Mixer

Thermostatic bathtub mixers are able to detect sudden increase or drop in water temperature and instantly adjust hot and cold water flow to compensate for the change. Hence water temperature is always kept constant at your preset level.

These bath mixers are thus safer as they can prevent accidental scalding while bathing. Families with young kids or the elderly should consider installing thermostatic mixers in their bathroom.


Why Choose GROHE Bathtub Mixers?

Each GROHE bath mixer is built to last a lifetime. Before being released to the market, each model is subjected to rigorous testing where durability is assessed by simulating years of daily use. This same standard of testing is performed on all components developed as well, to ensure that each GROHE product is of unsurpassed quality when it reaches you, the end user.

Repair and plumbing works, in Singapore, is expensive. Hence, it is always prudent to invest in good quality bath mixers, taps and fittings to avoid costly future repairs.

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Smooth Lever Handling

The quality of bath mixers are often judged by the smoothness of their lever handling. A smooth lever allows for more precise control of water temperature and flow. It also subtly gives your bathroom a more luxurious feel.

This smoothness in tap operation is very much determined by the quality of internal parts such as the cartridge. In GROHE’s case,

  • The GROHE SilkMove® cartridge is found inside the mixer, where the ceramic discs are located.
  • The discs are made from a hardy ceramic alloy, one gliding over the other with utmost precision.
  • The discs are lubricated with a coating of Teflon® for friction-free performance.
  • The lever handle of the mixer is connected to the discs by a solid brass element for maximum strength and durability, allowing the cartridge to withstand years of use without the need for any maintenance.

As such, GROHE bath tap mixers, with their GROHE SilkMove® technology are well-known for their silky smooth tap handling. This fluid-smooth handling of the tap-lever delivers gradual yet precise control of the water flow and temperature, making GROHE mixers a joy to own.

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Water Saving Shower Head

Water Saving Shower Head

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Water Saving Features

In an effort to preserve precious resources for future generations, reputable bathroom accessories manufacturer, GROHE has designed their bathtub mixers to be as water and energy efficient as possible.

All GROHE EcoJoy™ products are designed to save water and energy while delivering the perfect water experience.

With GROHE thermostatic mixers, the desired water temperature is reached within a split second. Hence less time and water is wasted, fiddling with lever controls to get to your desired water temperature.


Select The Style That Best Suits Your Bathroom

To learn more about the various bath mixer designs and configurations, do check out our page on bathtroom taps.