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The basin is the most used fixture in any bathroom. We lean over them daily when washing our hands or brushing our teeth. Hence it’s hard to enter a bathroom without noticing the state and design of the basin or it fits into the overall decor of the bathroom. If you want an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, then it pays to invest in a quality basin.

Our quality GROHE toilet basins will bring a touch of class to any bathroom. Whether you opt for a simple porcelain basin, or a counter mounted version, in a popular composite material, as long as it’s fitted with the right matching bathroom accessories and fittings, the basin will enhance overall visual appeal of your bathroom.

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How to Choose the Right GROHE Bathroom Basin? – Basin Basics

Bathroom basins can be classified into 6 different types, in terms of the mounting style. These are the wall basin, wall basin with pedestal, above-counter, under-counter, semi-recessed and the free-standing basin.

Wall Basin

Mounted on the wall, this bathroom sink helps save space as it does not require a supporting vanity counter. It also offers greater flexibility as you can choose how high or low you want to position the basin. If you prefer a minimalist look for your bathroom design, this is the basin to go for.

Wall Basin with Pedestal/Shroud

As the name suggests, this type of basin is mounted on the wall and comes with a pedestal or shroud to conceal the plumbing. The pedestal helps hide pipes that are not concealed in the wall for an uncluttered look.

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Above-Counter Basin

This bathroom sink is installed on top of a vanity counter or cabinet. It is fashioned like a bowl sitting on the counter-top. It is ideal for taller users as the sink is above the vanity level. Alternatively, you might also lower the height of the vanity to suit your comfort level. For basins without tap-holes, a taller bathroom sprout or a wall-mounted faucet is required and can be purchased from our online store as well.

Under-Counter Basin

Also known as an undermount basin, this sink is fitted underneath the vanity top. Stone or resin counter top goes best with such basins while laminate tops are not recommended, as they are more prone to water damage. Such basins are often found in designer homes because they give the bathroom an overall seamless, minimalist look.

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Semi-Recessed Basin

The semi-recessed basin is often designed to over-hang at the front of vanity surface, with half the sink below the vanity top and the other half sitted nicely above. With the right matching vanity top and accompanying bathroom fittings, this sink makes the perfect centrepiece.

Free-Standing Basin

Modern free standing basins bold and stylish. They therefore appeal to more design-conscious consumers among us.

Tap-Holes of the Basin

The number of tap-holes in a basin usually varies from zero to three. Your choice of bathroom faucets and mixers will determine the number of tap holes you need.

To find out how to choose the right GROHE taps and mixers for your basin, check out our page on basin taps and mixers.

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