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By simply replacing your basin taps, you can give your bathroom or kitchen an instant facelift. When you invest in good quality brassware from GROHE, your faucets will not just function well but also look good after many years of use. Indeed GROHE basin taps are crafted from the finest materials and rigorously tested to ensure they last a lifetime.

Known for its exquisite euro-style range of basin tap, mixers and related accessories, GROHE is in a class of its own when it comes to bathroom fittings. Combining flawless designs with industry leading technologies, each GROHE basin tap produced is a work of art.

Better yet, these quality taps can now be purchased directly from our online store. Available in a myriad of style options and price points, finding one that suits your style and budget is easy.


Choosing the Right Basin Tap

Style of the Basin Tap

Features aside, having an aesthetically pleasing design is of utmost importance. Basin taps are, after all, the first thing we see when entering the bathroom. The right taps can thus instantly add a touch of class to the bathroom, enhancing significantly, its luxurious feel. Hence, merely replacing worn bathroom accessories with the right tap alone can sometimes give your bathroom a new lease on life.

GROHE basin taps are available in a variety of designs, including classic, contemporary and authentic, to match your bathroom design and accessories. These designs can further be categorise under two broad styles:

  • Traditional Design allows you to capture the best of classic features, such as Edwardian ceramic inserts, exquisite detailing and cross head handles.
  • Modern Contemporary Design offers a more cutting-edge look with clean lines, geometric styling and minimalist designs.

Choose from our range of GROHE basin taps with the following broad style specifications:

Spa Collection
Cosmopolitan Design Bathroom Taps
Contemporary Design Basin Taps
Authentic Design Bathroom Faucets

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Other Style Options


1. Wall-Mounted Basin Faucets

Go for this if you want an uncluttered look or space saving benefits around your basin area. Because they are wall-mounted, such taps pair well with over-counter basins that do not have tap-holes.

2. High or Low Spout Deck-Mounted Basin Taps

Basin taps come in various height options to cater to different basin design styles and your personal preferences and comfort. The space between your tap and the washbasin is your comfort zone. The height of your basin mixer will determine the amount of usable space you have when washing up.

Choosing the right basin tap will go a long way in turning your bathroom into a sanctuary. While looks certainly matter, bathroom style, price and functionality are important too.


Configuration of the Basin Taps

After deciding on the design style, you’ll want to spend sometime deliberating on the various configuration options. This is especially so in a bathroom remodelling exercise. The existing basin in your bathroom will dictate the type of basin tap you buy. Depending on the number of tap holes on your basin, the tap you select will have to match.

Traditional bathroom sinks typically have up to three pre-drilled holes for taps, while more modern ones may have only a single hole for a mono mixer tap. In three-hole basins, two holes accommodate the control lever for hot and cold water while the third accommodate the spout.

Monobloc Taps

These taps are for single-hole basins. They come in either single or twin-lever designs.

Single-Lever Mixer Taps

Single-lever basin taps uses a single-lever to water flow and temperature. They are suitable for single-hole basins or two-hole ones.

3-hole Basin Taps

The hot and cold water is controlled by either two separate levers or rotating handles. The rotating handle types provide a more traditional feel and are ideal for those looking for a more classic or nostalgic look for their bathroom interior.

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Product Brand and Technology

Finally, be sure to choose taps from a reputable manufacturer to ensure your brassware delivers the ultimate in tactile pleasure for years to come. Classic chrome fittings are popular because they are able to stand the test of time, both design and maintenance wise.

While design choices are important, do not forget built quality and durability. Find a brand that offers premium ceramic discs faucets as ceramic valves are last longer and virtually maintenance free.


GROHE Award Winning Basin Taps – Designed to Last a Lifetime

Known for producing awarding winning mixers and taps, using the finest materials and latest in bathroom technology, GROHE is the number German 1 brand in bathroom fittings. Each GROHE basin tap is rigorously tested before release to the market, to ensure it meets the consistently high standards people have come to expect of the GROHE brand. By simulating years of daily use, these tests guarantees that all GROHE products will continue to deliver faultless performance for many years. By buying a GROHE, you are always assured of lifelong quality.

To further safeguard your investment in our quality bathroom fittings, GROHE offers a spare parts guarantee. More specifically, GROHE guarantees that all spare parts will remain available 10 years after a product is discontinued and concealed parts, 15 years. That’s added peace of mind and a very good reason to make GROHE your preferred bathroom fittings choice.

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