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GROHE basin tap mixers are known for their exceptional Euro-style designs plus unsurpassed quality and durability. When you invest in a GROHE, you are assured of products that give a lifetime of flawless performance. After all with GROHE, all materials and components used in the manufacturing of their basin tap mixers undergo stringent material and functions testing, to ensure they meet the highest quality standards always.

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How To Choose A Basin Mixer?

There are two type of mixers: Manual and Thermostatic Ones

Manual Basin Mixer

The manual basin mixer uses a single lever to manually adjust water temperature and flow ratel. They are a popular choice in Singapore, given their lower price point when compared to their thermostatic counterpart. Because they are not armed with temperature control features, they are unable to detect and adjust for sudden temperature changes caused by a surge or drop in water pressure. Though rare, there is a risk of being scalded by hot water while using such mixers.

Thermostatic Basin Mixer

Such mixers are armed with thermostatic valves that are able to detect and adjust for sudden water temperature changes. Hence that are able to maintain a constant water temperature throughout and are especially safe for use by young kids or the elderly.


For Better User Experience Choose A Smooth Tap Mixer

A smooth tap that allows for fluid lever movement is a joy to use. The smoothness of a basin tap mixer is very much determined by internal parts such as the cartridge.

GROHE mixers are well-known for their smooth tap handing due to their unique GROHE SilkMove® technology. The fluid-smooth handling of the tap-lever delivers gradual and precise control of the water flow and temperature. GROHE SilkMove® cartridges are designed to withstand years of use without the need for any maintenance.

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Water Saving Features

Good quality basin tap mixers often come with eco friendly features to help reduce water as well as energy consumption.

All GROHE EcoJoy™ products are designed to save water and energy without compromising on your water experience.

Additionally, with GROHE thermostatic mixers, the desired water temperature can be achieved within a split second. This means no more wasting of water while fiddling with the lever controls to get the right water temperature.

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Quality Basin Tap Mixers That Last a Lifetime

The cost of hiring a plumber in Singapore is high. Hence it pays to plan ahead and investing in high quality bath fittings that can last a lifetime. GROHE understands this. That’s why each GROHE basin tap mixer is built using only the finest quality materials, with state of the art bathroom technologies. Additionally, all materials and components used in the manufacturing process undergo stringent materials and functions testing to ensure they meet the highest possible quality standards. This way, GROHE is able to promise that all products including basin mixer taps are built to last a lifetime.

In addition, for added peace of mind, GROHE provides a spare parts guarantee which ensures that all spare parts and concealed parts remain available for 10 and 15 years respectively, after product discontinuation. That’s why when it comes to basin tap mixers and other bathroom accessories, GROHE is the best choice.

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